Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third Year of Law School

Law school starts back tonight - boo! This is David's 3rd year of night school so we're halfway there (wherever there may be). I'm pretty sure that this year is going to be the hardest for me especially with Collins joining our family and for the boys because they're getting older and realizing that Dad is not home to do playtime, bathtime, booktime & bedtime.

We're awfully proud of David of though. He always has a positive attitude about work, about school, about life in general. I don't know how he does it but he never fails to succeed. It's definitely not without hard work. He puts in full days at the lab and then long hours at school and studying afterwards. I hope the boys get David's focus, attention to detail, & work ethic. I'm very proud of him!

One day we'll look back on this time and think "How in the world did we do that?"

So, two years down, two more years to go and then the world is our oyster! I just hope it's fried and on a baguette!

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5mcintyres said...

It's a tough adjustment to 3 without having the men-folks help but you are so right...we'll look back at this time and in the world did we do it and were we crazy?! And yes...we did it (speaking of future tense for the both of us)! And YES we were crazy but it's so worth it! :) love ya!