Wednesday, August 11, 2010

31-wk. Check Up

I had my 31-wk. prenatal check-up this morning. Collins sounded great. I've gained 5 more pounds. Oh, and we set the c-section date - October 4, 2010! So, technically I have 7 more wks. of carrying him. Ironicallly, as much as I grumble about being tired/sore/heartburn/out-of-breath, etc as a result from pregnancy, carrying him inside is much easier than caring for him on the outside. I look forward to being able to touch my toes - heck, see my toes - and being able to move freely without the limitations of pregnancy but I know I will miss it. I will miss the bond just he and I have, the rolls and kicks to my stomach, the guessing game of which body part is poking through my stomach.

I think I'll cherish being a family of four for just a little while longer but, man, I can't wait to meet Collins and have him meet his big brothers! They are anxiously awaiting him.

October 4th we go from a Family of Four to a Family of Five!

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Rebec said...

I know it's great to have a date set! Hang in'll be here before you know it! :)