Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day Update

So, apparently, the first day of preschool was not as "awesome" as Hughes led us to believe. His daily report from school said he had a great day. Hughes told me it was awesome. So, I believed it until we sat down for dinner. We started asking probing questions at dinnertime and he said something about time out. Well, if you know Hughes, he can be hard to understand at times - really hard. David and I got it out of him that he went to time out but we couldn't understand why he went to time out. So, what does a mother do? I called his bestfriend Conley down the street. Conley told me that Hughes wouldn't go to the art center when Miss Kate told him to. He said that Hughes wanted to go to the block center.

This morning while dropping Hughes off in his classroom I asked Miss Kate if Hughes went to time out yesterday. She said, "yes, but it was no big deal. I told him to go to the art center and he refused". I told her that we had discussed how he needed to raise his hand when asked about what centers he wanted to go to but that I was also concerned because his behavior from yesterday was marked as great. I also explained to her that I had to call Conley down the street to figure out why he went to time out. She again said it was no big deal and asked if I wanted her to write it down in his folder next time. UGH - yeah! I was very nice and told her to please write those things down so that at least I could talk with him about them.

He was playing with the Legos when I left and totally happy. We'll see how today went when I pick him up. Hopefully, no more time outs. Which on a side note is very rare for Hughes to be put into so imagine my concern when on the first day of school he ends up in time out!

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