Wednesday, August 25, 2010

33 Week Update

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Weight is still increasing and blood pressure is still maintaining the same low numbers (110/60) - it's typically 90/60. David thinks I'm half-dead. I just tell him I'm laid back.

Anywho, Dr. Dennis did an ultrasound at my request. I wanted to see if we could see any evidence of cleft lip. From the ultrasound it looks like Collins has two beautiful, perfectly formed lips. He only showed us these lips for a few seconds and then resumed the boxer position. You know, fists in front of face. I think he must realize that he needs to practice his defensive stance with two big brothers in the picture. I can vouch for the "boxer" description. It feels like he practices all day long! I expect him to come out with bulging biceps!

We also learned from the ultrasound that Collins is still a boy and that he's a big boy according to his abdomen and femur measurements. He's measuring at 35wks. 3 days whereas I'm only 33wks. 5 days. This doesn't mean that he's going to necessarily come early. It most likely means that he's just going to be a big baby. And, going on prior experiences I'm betting on the big baby side. On that note - Hallelujah for c-sections!

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