Friday, August 27, 2010

2nd Soccer Practice

Hughes did a lot better last nigh - he participated in the warming up exercises, stretching, kicking the ball some, and then he ran out of energy. We did get there 20 minutes early so that he and Banks could play on the field and they played hard, too. Once it was time to scrimage Hughes was done. He stood on the field in the position that his coach placed him in and didn't move. But in Hughes' defense, his other teammates didn't move from their position either. So, basically, I watched the other team run up and down the field scoring, high-fiving, etc. while Hughes' team stood there and watched them go by. I think we'll work on the concept of the game this weekend.

Hughes dribbling the ball with Banks on his tail. This brotherly game was a combination of soccer & football. If you can't stop the ball then stop the player was the motto.

Hughes in all his soccer gear. He wore the shin guards under the socks today and had on his favorite t-shirt (aka the circle shirt).

Doing some hamstring stretches. He was all into the running laps, stretches, etc. I just knew we were going 100% but I would give it 50%. Of course I asked him how practice was afterwards and got "perfect". I asked if he thought that maybe we could play in the scrimage next time and he told me yes.

It's hard being a parent sitting on the sidelines when all you want is for your child to do their very best and all they're doing is standing there and showing uncertainty. I wanted to explain his position and what he was suppose to do when the ball came towards him or near him. I also want to put my arms around him and protect him from the world. It is true what they say, being a parent is letting your heart walk around outside your body.

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