Thursday, June 30, 2011

Landfill, you say?

This is what my back porch looks like right now.
No, it isn't a landfill.
No, we're not disgusting people who just pile their trash.
No, there haven't been any squatters living on our porch either.

This is Hughes' city complete with an airport, a bridge, skyscrapers, roads, houses, etc. Hughes started on this project about 3 days ago. He was so focused that I let him do it. He has also spent many quiet afternoons out on the porch working on his city. He had a little help from Banks and his friend Conley but for the most part, he created this masterpiece using our items from the recycling bin and duct tape.

Here he is in his favorite pajamas, Scooby Doo (thanks Dawa), while being the air traffic controller for the jets coming in.

So, here you have it. Hughes' 100% recycled city.

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Wimberly's Blog! said...

HAHAHA i love all of the beer bottle sky scrapers!!!