Monday, June 6, 2011

Baseball Picnic

We had our end-of-the-year baseball picnic at the county park. This was a great idea because the kids could run between the playground and the spray 'n play and it wasn't rushed after their last game. For the most part, Hughes had a great team and a we love his coach, Coach Rod.

We were missing some teammates but here are the boys waiting for their trophies.

Coach Rod giving Hughes his trophy. Coach Rod said a little about everybody before he called their name and he described Hughes as "always listening and following exactly what he told him to do".

And a BIG surprise for Banks was that Coach Rod had gotten him something special, too - a medal for showing his support of the team and of Hughes. Banks was super stoked that he got a medal and wore it for a couple of days nonstop. As I've said before, we love Coach Rod and our boys sure do love him. In fact, when we play baseball in the backyard Banks wants David to "be" Coach Rod.

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