Thursday, June 9, 2011

Discussion about Father's Day

Me: Hughes, what should we get Dad for Father's Day?

Hughes: maybe a new pencil

Me: oh, that would be nice

Hughes: or maybe a new football?

Me: ohhhhh

Hughes: Oh, I know. How about an Auburn tiger shirt? (I just smile because I know David would flip that even his sons want to get him AU stuff and not Clemson - running joke in the Turberville family - the first couple of Christmases David got Auburn gear from my family)

Me: Well, maybe we should get him clothes.

Hughes: Why?

Me: because Dad is graduating from law school next year and he'll need to wear nice clothes every day

Hughes: oh, so we'll get him fancy clothes


Banks wants to get him either a dinosaur or Batman. Somehow I think he's not comprehending the full idea about gift giving.

Why is my mind going completely blank for this Father's Day?

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