Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend in St. Matthews

This past weekend the boys and I went to St. Matthews so that Dad could have a Boys' Weekend at our house with his high school buddies. I haven't noticed anything broken yet so I think the weekend was a success.

St. Matthews was lots of fun and the boys had a great time. We went swimming at Mrs. Donna's pool. Rarely do the boys get to swim in a pool. We are members of the water park so they do get that but it's not the same as a small pool. Anywho.

Collins enjoying his float.

Hughes doing a flip off the side. Big Daddy also brought Christian and Hudson to swim, too.

BecBec and Banks

We went swimming twice while we were there. The first time the boys were perfect. Jumping off the side to me without their swimmies/life jacket, putting their faces in the water, etc. Hughes will go totally underwater. He just hasn't quite gotten the entire swimming part yet. He's so close. Banks was doing great and being very brave about jumping to me.

Flashforward to our 2nd pool trip. Banks had been talking about showing off his cannon ball without swimmies again to me in the car. I was encouraging it and telling him that I would be right there to get him. Well, we get to the pool and I'm putting on Collins' swim diaper when out of my eye I see Banks start taking some running steps towards the pool. I'm yelling "no, no, no" and there goes Banks jumping into the pool without his swimmies and makes a big splash. I'm pretty sure I threw Collins to Mrs. Donna and jumped it after Banks.

He was fine but definitely scared. He wouldn't let go of me and finally we just got out and watched Hughes, BecBec and Colllins swim. Banks never got to gasping for breath stage b/c I was literally two steps behind him but I just can't help replaying that in my mind. If I had sent him to the pool to wait for me while I got something out of the car then that day could have been monumentally disastrous. I'm thankful for the way it turned out and I'm always pretty cautious around water but will definitely have my guard on even more now.

So, friends, don't let your children out of your sight when around water. Don't even tell them to wait for you by the pool b/c you never know when they may feel like doing a cannon ball.

Okay, the rest of the weekend. Hughes has been curious about farms and we were talking about a peach farm the other day while we were enjoying some local peaches. Well, St. Matthews has Buyck Peach Orchard and I knew that the boys would enjoy it.

We opted to pick our own so that the boys could really experience the peach orchard.

Banks carrying our basket.

Hughes under the shade of a peach tree.

Collins ready to bite in.

There was a sunflower field right beside the peach tree so we explored that field, too. My battery died right after this picture so you'll just have to trust me that the boys enjoyed it.

We also went to see Cars 2. Mom took Collins shopping while the big boys and I went to the movie. It was cute but the first Cars is definitely better.

Thanks BecBec and PopPop for the great weekend!

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