Monday, June 6, 2011

End -of-the-year-picnic Island School

On Friday, The Island School had their end-of-the-year picnic and "graduation" for its rising kindergartners. Hughes was in the first 2 year old class so he is the first full graduating class to come through. We have loved it here and Hughes has thrived. It is sad for him to be leaving but we'll still have Banks there and I'm more shocked that I am going to have a child old enough for kindergarten. Where did the time go?

How did we go from this? First day of The Island School - Almost 2

To this? Last day of The Island School - age 5
Hughes with Miss Kate
He loves her!

Hughes and Conley
They are both heading to Harbor View Elementary next year. In fact, about 90% of the rising kindergartners from The Island School are going to Harbor View.

Collins supporting his brothers.

Hughes getting his graduation "crown". The kids decorated their hats and the teachers wrote on their hats which school they are headed to. A lot of Harbor View crowns!

Also, each kid got a portfolio that Miss Kate had made them.

Hughes and William

Banks' class sang some songs and Banks knew all the motions. His teachers gave them all a copy of the songs and we have been jamming out to it. Banks really likes to sing the songs in front of the mirror and watch himself do the motions.

Banks and his teachers Miss Amanda and Miss Devyn

We had a great year at The Island School but we are ready for the summer. We are ready to slow down a bit, hit the water park, hit the beach and just relax.

Next year, Banks will be in the 4-year old program and Hughes will be in kindergarten.
Wow, times flies when you're raising children!

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