Monday, June 27, 2011

Here's a hodge podge of pictures from Pawley's.

G-daddy working on The Fort.

Uncle Andrew working, too.

Aunt Deyna reading - this will be me next year! I didn't even bother bringing a book this year because I knew my hands would be full.

Happy Baby

Working on The Fort

Part of The Fort

Picture taken by Hughes - maybe I can start being in pictures now that my 5-year old knows how to use my camera.

Banks destroying a sand castle village.

Hughes and Kate

Mom & Collins

Working on a sand castle village

Charlotte eating cookies. Collins playing with the bag.

Got the bag!

Dad and Hughes playing with the raft.

Mom & Collins

Dad & Collins

Hughes being the best big brother and pulling Banks on the raft.

Trying to ride the waves.

Dawa and Collins

The Boys Banks (3), Collins (8 months), & Hughes (5)


Becca said...

i like that in the picture Hughes took, you're drinking a beer, and it appears that your husband is drinking a Caprisun.

Anne Wimberly said...

somebody has got to stay sober!