Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Pawley's

Picture right before we left. Hughes is not happy about having his picture made - go figure!
Hughes (5), Banks (3), Kate (4), Dawa, Collins (8months), Charlotte (1)

Riding the waves

Hughes kept calling Kate his girlfriend all week and when we would correct him and tell him that she was his cousin he would reply "but she loves me".

We got Banks a boogie board this year. He was a champ on it and so excited to have a big one like Hughes.

Riding the Waves

Check out the sea monster boogie board

Collins just chillin'

Kate joining in the fun

Gigi (90) and Collins (8 months)

I buried Collins one afternoon. He loved it - can't you tell? He looks like he has man boobs in this picture.

I had just finished lubing him up with sunscreen and decided to put his hair in a mohawk. I guess he was feeling pretty cool because he immediately gave me this "tongue out" look.

At the Hammock Shops finishing up some ice cream.
The transformer shirts the boys have on were a weak moment of mine at WalMart. They love them but they are pretty hideous.

Kayak ride with G-Daddy. Hughes said it was too scary to do. I think we traumatized him when he was 1 when David took him out on the kayak. He's never been fond of them since.

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