Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hughes' Birthday

Yesterday was Hughes' actual birthday. We had a small lunch with grandparents since we just brought Collins home. We continued with the dinosaur theme of his friend birthday party and BecBec did not disappoint with this cool t-rex cake.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles.

Hughes about to open his birthday presents from family.

We gave him this super cool t-rex dinosaur. I had to tell David to stop playing with it when it came in the mail two weeks ago. It is quite amazing.

Bryce and Hughes before they went outside to play Nerf dart tag.

And, Ironman. Need I say more.

Dear Hughes,
You are amazing. You are loving. You are stubborn. You are compassionate. You are my favorite 5-year old!

You have been playing soccer and although it started off very rough, you have finished the season as a champ. You played your last game on Saturday and almost scored a goal in the last few seconds. Dad says you played so good and I'm sad I had to miss it - we didn't want to take a 5-day old out yet.

You're taking karate at school and love it. You don't want to wear the karate shirt/pants and that's fine with me. You love to show us your moves.

You are doing great in school in with Miss Kate. You have made tremendous progress so far. Where as you would never sing the ABCs or even let me sing them, now I hear you joyfully singing them to yourself while you play. You are very into writing letters and then asking me what they say. You are very interested in letters and numbers right now and that makes me soooo happy! You are also doing really great in speech with Miss Ali.

You have shown nothing but care and love for your new brother Collins and you show lots of patience with Banks. You're a great sharer and listener. I hope this continues.

Dinosaurs seem to be our #1 interest right now but books come close behind. You like to look at the pictures and make up the story. You often tell me to read the book but with no words.

I can't wait to see where this next year takes us and how you grow. You amaze me everyday. I love you to the moon and back!

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