Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bilirubin & Weight Check

On Monday, we headed to the pediatrician to have Collins' bilirubin level check. He is already back to his birth weight (8.15) which Dr. Geils said it usually takes infants two weeks to regain the weight they lose between delivery and discharge. Apparently, there is no skim milk coming from me!

They didn't even test his bilirubin because just looking at him you can tell he's not yellow-tinted and he poops/teetees like a champ.

So, we go back next Monday for our official two week visit to start our immunizations. I went ahead and got the Flu shot and DTaP in the hospital so now I just need to get the rest of family up to date with their flu shots.

With those chins, does this kid look like he misses a meal? I think not .

Dad and Collins

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