Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cutie Patootie!

I love this little guy!

He's doing pretty well with his sleeping at night (4-hour stretches, an occasional 5-hour stretch). He likes his bottom patted and loves to look over your shoulder. He is also mesmerized by the ceiling fans when they aren't moving. He's starting to grasp objects when they touch his hands (i.e. my hair, my finger).

Today, Collins was laying on the couch and we were in the kitchen. I peeped in the den to check on him and Banks was letting Collins suck on his finger. Oh Geez! Who knows what kind of germs were on those fingers??

The big brothers love Collins to pieces. Banks always wants to hold Collins, constantly gives him hugs and then kisses him wherever (sometimes shoulder, sometimes foot) and tells him he loves him in a whisper. It would melt your heart if you could see it. Hughes tries to make him laugh with his slap-stick comedy routine of hitting his head and pretending to fall down.

Thanks Ashley & Brad for the cute outfit!

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