Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh Boy - Special Milk

The boys have been very interested in how I feed Collins. I've tried to be truthful with them yet not give them too much detail. I've told them that I make a "special milk" just for Collins. That seemed to be enough for Hughes but Banks wanted more detail as he stared at my chest. So, I told him that my "boobies" made "special milk" for Collins and when he was a baby he got "special milk" too. It seems his curiosity was satisfied.

Fast Forward One Day

As I'm nursing Collins with Banks diligently watching, he says "moma, you feed him your milk out of your elbows". What am I to do? If I correct him, will he be talking about my "boobies" on the playground with his friends? Will he bring it up to his teachers?

Well, no, I didn't correct him. So, for any fellow nursing mothers and friends, as far as Banks knows, I make my special milk in my elbows!

I love that kid!

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jollyclairj said...

AC thought the milk came out of my elbows, too! I think it's because their head is so close to your elbow. She also sat beside me and nursed her baby doll while I nursed!