Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Halloween Parties

On Friday both boys had Halloween parties at school. They had a blast and were excited to wear their costumes to school. Unfortunately for me, Hughes refused to wear his mummy costume and was adamant to wear the pterodactyl costume from last year. Ignore the fact that it is too small and he looked ridiculous! I now know how my own mother felt when I insisted on wearing something that she knew looked ridiculous on me. I made sure to tell all of his teachers that the pterodactyl costume was his idea and yes, I know it is too small!

Miss Frizzle (aka Miss Kate) and the Mean Pterodactyl

Batman and Pterodactyl sitting nicely waiting on their turn during Hughes' Halloween party.

Batman enjoying his party. Unfortunately the kid to the right of him threw-up shortly after this picture. So, now I'm curious if we're going to get the nasty stomach bug that's creeping around!

a close-up of our Batman!

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