Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Going On?

Law School, Work, Preschool, Speech, Laundry, Playing, Cleaning - you know, the usual things.

Banks' speech continues to explode. It's amazing the conversation you can hold with him. He is also potty training. I am hesitant to say this because I'm still in shock. I guess it has to do with having a big brother and seeing him use the potty. He's been wearing underwear for a week now with the exception of when he sleeps. It sure has been nice not having to change diapers!

Hughes is a puzzle maniac! He has a great spatial sense and can complete a puzzle (48pc. in no time). So, now we're on the look out for more 50pc. puzzles and an occasional 100 piece. I have one 100pc. pirate puzzle that will be arriving on the 25th of next month in a red sleigh led by reindeer. He's also really into his legos right now - the small ones! Of course, the rule is you can only play with them at the table but, of course, I find them all over the den rug and those things hurt your feet when you step on them barefoot! I'm always finding them so I guess my rule is not working or at least not being followed. As for speech, Hughes continues to make great strides. We go 3 mornings/week. He loves his speech teacher and I do, too. We're working on the back of the throat sounds still.

On a funny note, yesterday while picking up toys from the den floor I was on my hands and knees and Hughes jumped on my back. I thought he was just playing but then he started oinking. I really didn't know what he was doing. Then, he said "piggy back ride, oink oink, piggy back ride". How Funny! Of course, then Banks jumped on and started oinking as well. I'm just glad it was not a "big butt" joke with the oinking!

I'm so excited for the holidays coming up. I need to do another big "toy weed out" and trip to Goodwill. I keep finding great gift ideas for the boys. I am trying to control myself and for the most part I'm doing a pretty good job. But the temptation is so great - what would Dave Ramsey say?


deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

haha. still smiling about the piggy back ride. :) and i know what you mean, it's so easy to think of 200 things that santa could bring! we are excited about the holidays too!

Becca said...

Hey Anne Wimberly--thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I've heard a ton about you and hope that we get to meet one of these days. Until then, know that I'll be checking ("checking" reads "stalking") your blog :)