Friday, November 20, 2009

Picasso and The Cullens

My Little Artist

We ventured to the Children's Museum this morning and met up with some friends. While having our snacks outside, Banks decided to take the liberty to paint himself. So, my 2-year old looks like the Hulk. Notice the black eyes - he's a rough and tough looking kid! Oh, and of course, he fell backwards off the bench. I think if he gets one more bump or bruise, DSS is going to come visit me! This was taken in the back of the car before I stripped him down to get into his carseat (see DSS, I do use car seats).

On a totally different note, I was one of the nutjobs that went and saw New Moon at midnight last night. There was quite an array of people there (boys, too). It was awesome! However, I had these girls sitting behind me that it was obvious one of them had not read the books and she kept asking questions (I won't tell you so I don't ruin the story for anybody who has not read the series). Movie talkers get on my nerves! But I digress, the movie was fabulous and Edward was still beautiful but Jacob has got a bangin' body. Isn't he like 15? So maybe I shouldn't say that. Let's just say even with the body, Jacob couldn't sway me. I'm still Team Edward!

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