Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Disney

Our group decided that after a full day at the park, we opted out of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. We let the boys dress up in their costumes and we got some surprises to give them - parachute ghosts, pumpkin bubbles, dinosaur tattoos, jack-o-lantern light up necklaces, etc. We took them outside and let them dance around with their light up necklaces on doing parachute ghosts and pumpkin bubbles. They were thrilled. I don't think my boys missed the candy at all (or even remembered that they get candy on Halloween).

Hughes the Pterodactyl, William the Bakugan man, Hayden as Handy manny, and Banks the TRex

Hughes and William acting silly

Of course, the TRex doesn't want his picture taken - ahhhhh!

Check out the wing span on that creature!

The boys loved their costumes. In fact, today I had two dinosaurs sitting on my couch watching cartoons. Did you know dinosaurs like fruit snacks? That's what the Pterodactyl told me and the TRex was happy to go along with it. For someone who has never enjoyed dressing up on Halloween, Hughes surely loves his costume! Who said dinosaurs are extinct?

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