Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It Truly Was a Magical Place

Our Disney vacation was full of action, amazement, sugar, and new feats.
  • 1st time we took a real family vacation by ourselves without the grandparents
  • 1st time at Disney for Banks (2nd time for Hughes)
  • 1st time seeing gigantic dinosaurs roaring so loudly you could feel it in your bones
  • 1st time seeing the characters up close and personal and then screaming in their faces
  • 1st time that we had a completely pleasant 6 hour drive back (thanks dvd player)
  • 1st time Banks pooped on the potty

WHAT! I'm telling you Disney is magical. It worked its magic on Banks and gave him the urge. The boy just turned 2 for goodness sake! I had been warned by my friend Rebecca that this could happen (it happened to her little boy), I just wasn't expecting Banks to succumb to the spell. I guess Disney's magic is pretty powerful stuff!