Monday, November 2, 2009

Magic Kingdom

On Thursday, we went to the Magic Kingdom. David and I were very excited to show the boys Disney - it was like Christmas morning as a child again! I think they were more in shock than excited when we went in. The people, the characters, the loud music - it was a lot to take in! much.

The Tram ride to Magic Kingdom - Oh, did I mention that the temperature was in the high eighties/low nineties! It's the end of October, Mother Nature, Get with the season!

Family Shot #2 - ruined
Anyone have any tips on how to get children to look at the camera and smile?

Buzz Lightyear was our first and second ride - we had to do it twice because the boys liked it and because David beat me in my laser score so I had to have another chance to beat him. I didn't :(

David and Banks fighting the evil Emperor Zerg

Hughes and I leading the star troops into battle.

Family Photo #3 - Hughes terrified and screaming at Buzz Lightyear, Banks in shock. Hey, at least we came away with his signature!

David and Hughes riding Dumbo

Banks and I on the carousel. Hughes refused to ride. From what I can remember about our last Disney trip, Hughes didn't like the carousel then either. Maybe, he has something with rotating horses with big metal poles through the abdomens? Just a thought.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse - Hayden, Will, Banks and David

Mickey's PhilharMagic 3D - surprisingly, the boys did pretty well during this show

The Berglinds on the Magic Carpet ride (think Dumbo ride and you know how it goes)

Look at that cute mouskateer! Banks loved his hat. Hughes refused to wear his. Story of my life - one boy loves something, the other hates it!

We rode everything we wanted and were able to sneak in a few adult roller coasters. The waits were never longer than 20 minutes and we used those times for snack and juice breaks.

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