Monday, November 2, 2009

Animal Kingdom

Our last day, we went to Animal Kingdom and started the day off with a nutritious breakfast with Donald Duck & Friends. Well, it could have been nutritious with eggs, fruit, and orange juice but the boys opted for the Mickey waffles covered in syrup, chocolate covered glazed doughnuts, and chocolate milk.

Family Photo #4 ruined - LOOK AT THE CAMERA!

Family Photo #5 ruined - thanks Hughes for the head shot!

And then there is the Berglinds and their perfect family picture! Ugh!

Daisy trying her best to get some attention.

Hughes looking up Goofy's nose.

Banks terrified. Need I say more?

Family Photo #6 - ruined LOOK AT THE #@$@# CAMERA!

Hughes shaking his tambourine during the Donald Duck parade. Hughes stayed in his seat but did participate. Banks got up and joined the parade.

Family Photo #7 - ruined Why do I even try?

Giraffe - I love the animal safari

Hughes relaxing with his two new bestfriends in DinoLand at the dinosaur playground.

The boys checking out the jeep.

Banks and his new bestfriend, T-Rex, on the playground.

David, Banks and a dinosaur skeleton

This was the walking safari - the boys loved those fish (David included!)

This is how Banks spent a few hours every afternoon at the parks - totally wiped out!

Hippo swimming - very cool!

Silver Back - really cool! Of course, Hughes was just looking for the alligators. The guide tried to talk to him about the gorilla but Hughes asked him where the alligators were.

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