Friday, January 2, 2009

What a Difference!

2008 was good to us!  The boys continue to amaze me with new accomplishments.  They are growing so fast I can hardly keep up with them.  Here is a comparison picture of each boy from beginning of 2008 to the end of '08.

Hughes enjoying his new firetruck toothbrush from Christmas '07.  We have since moved on to a SpiderMan toothbrush.

Hughes playing with a wooden airplane during Christmas '08.

Banks (left) and his best bud, Thomas, at the Peach Bowl last New Year's Eve ('07).
Banks ringing in '09 in style.

What a difference a year makes at this early age?  Banks couldn't even sit up last New Year's Eve and this year he was running laps in the kitchen.  Banks is also babbling up a storm. Hughes continues to make progress in his speech.  We start private therapy next week along with therapy from the school district.  He continues to be a very sweet boy towards his brother and friends.

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