Friday, January 16, 2009

Be a Tourist - Firetruck Museum

Because of the frigid weather currently, we are sticking to all indoor activities.  Yesterday we went to the Firetruck Museum with Conley.  Once we got there, Hughes went tearing into the museum to get on the firetruck simulator.  There was this man hushing him.  I thought, "that's odd, no one has ever told us to be quiet before".  So, I went into the museum only to find Mayor Sumney (North Charleston) shooting a commercial.  That's why Hughes had to be quiet.  Thankfully, they were wrapping up.  I spoke with him briefly but he really took a liking to Suzie.  Of course, Banks pulled me away to another exhibit and I left Suzie to discuss politics with the mayor.  That was our big celebrity spotting for the year!

Hughes and Conley driving the firetruck simulator.  Hughes could have driven that firetruck all day long.  Unfortunately for him, another group came and wanted to drive it.  This did not go over well with Hughes.  
Future Fireman of America
Banks and Mom riding in the back of the firetruck.  Banks was really concerned with Hughes' driving!
Fireman Hughes, Fireman Banks & Fireman Conley

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