Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charlie sure knows how to leave his mark . . .

Let me say this first, Charlie has never been allowed upstairs.  We don't allow him because we have carpet upstairs and we don't want him to get it dirty.  With that said, please read below but beware - poop is discussed!

Well, this morning started off rocky.  While putting my shoes on this morning, I heard Hughes whimpering - totally normal - he does this in the morning when he's trying to get his pajama pants off to go to the bathroom.  I walk towards his bathroom and he's standing at the top of the steps with diarrhea surrounding him.  I immediately called for reinforcement.  David grabs Hughes and takes him into the bathroom - he's clean, pull up dry, pjs dry - we were stumped.  Then, I realized this was not child poop but dog poop - to be more specific - Charlie Poop.

We're not sure if this was during the night or early morning, but one thing is for certain - Charlie had diarrhea inside the house!  He, obviously, came upstairs to try to wake us up to let us know but couldn't hold it.  So, he got the carpet upstairs, all the rugs(5) downstairs, all over the hardwood floors downstairs, and David's new Clemson hat (Charlie must be an AU fan).  It was disgusting!  Our entire house smelled of poo!

David cleaned up the hardwood floors and what he could on the carpet - diarrhea is not easy to clean up!  Charlie is so pititful - how can you be mad at him?  He tried to come get us but just couldn't make it.

The carpet cleaning guys are here now to do everything!  On a positive note, we had been talking about getting the carpets cleaned for awhile now - this just gave us an immediate reason to do it today.  On a downside, there goes $200!


Jennifer said...

oh no and gross. But at least, like you said, you were planning to clean the carpets anyway. You got your money's worth!

David said...

You forgot to mention that during all of this Banks wanted to contribute and blew his diaper up, then decided to reach down and "clean" it with his bare hands...all of which required an emergency bath of course.

Kasey and Neal said...

mental note: never ever become a carpet cleaner. :-)