Monday, January 5, 2009

Note to Self

When your 3-year old has been playing in the car, check all car seat buckles and make sure they are still locked.

Today while driving down Maybank Highway I had to step on the brakes to prevent me from running a red light.  After being at the light a few seconds, Banks started to whimper.  I looked back to check on him and his face is pressed again the front passenger seat head rest!  I pushed his seat back upright and called David to tell him our car seat was broken.  After talking for about a minute, David asked me if it was buckled in.  IT WASN'T!  I panicked.  I started brainstorming when we took Banks' seat out of the car last.  I couldn't remember.  And then I remembered that we let Hughes play in the car after church yesterday.  He must have pressed the release button on the seatbelt  holding Banks' seat in.

So, use this as a wake-up call - always check the seatbelts when you put your children in their seats.

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Jennifer said...

Boy, Anne Wimberly. Scary! And it is amazing how fast the older sibling do things!