Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cox Farms 2012 - Pumpkin Patch

Since Waynewood lets out early every Monday, we decided to take advantage of our afternoon and head to Cox Farms with friends.  I had no idea what to expect.  It has more giant slides that I ever imagined and the boys had a ball.  I think it has taken them two days to recover.

Collins, Samantha, Cam, Banks, Hughes, Avery and Walker
Samantha, Hughes and Avery are all 1st graders at WW and Cam, Banks and Walker will all be kindergartners next year at WW

 Enjoying the tarzan swing.

 First big slide we went on.  You can see Avery at the top waiting with me and Collins.

 Collins loved it and we went again and again.  I did send him down one time which was a disaster and we won't mention again for fear of DSS being called.

 Hughes and Avery zooming down.

Next, we did the corn maze which had a haunted trailer built into it.  These pictures crack me up.

 I guess Banks was the bravest since he was in first.

After the maze, we hit the hay ride.  Everyone loved it and the adults enjoyed sitting.

 Brooks and Erika
Thank goodness I moved near these ladies.  They have made our transition to DC so much easier and have been great friends.  

 A little exploring on the blue tractor.

Next, it was time for the giant slide.  Hughes and Banks are at the top ready to go.  Banks is in red and Hughes is in blue.  They did this slide about 5 times at least.

And, although Collins looks concerned he loved it.  

We closed down the place and then headed home with lots of tired children.  

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