Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Last night was filled with laughter, crying, candy getting, candy giving, shoe tying, threatening to go home, sneakily eating candy, and, finally, falling asleep.

Isn't everybody's Halloween like that?

Collins wore his costume most of the day because, well, he was the cutest lion in the world.

After I drew his nose and whiskers on, he kept looking at himself in the mirror and smiling. 

Before we got started.  Storm Shadow was having a hard time as you can tell by the "mean" stare I'm getting through his mask.  Snake Eyes was happy and ready to pose.  

After the mandatory pictures on the front steps, we headed down to the neighborhood pool center for pizza and a costume parade.  Everybody did great and then we hit a few houses on our street on the way back to the house to wait for David to get home.

 This is what I saw most of the night.  A blur whizzing by me.  Collins was following and at the first few houses I had to go inside the people's houses to retrieve Collins.  They would open the door and Collins would just walk in.  He finally got it towards the end of the night to just stand on the doorstep and look cute.

One house was handing out sippy cups - that was my favorite house.  Of course, when I asked the boys this morning where their sippy cups were they couldn't tell me.  I'm sure they ditched them somewhere along the walk. 

 Taking a candy break about half way through.  Banks had finally gotten it together by this point.  He
 was having a hard time.  First it was his costume being itchy then it was who-knows-what but he finally recovered and enjoyed the night.  Collins fell asleep on David's shoulder and we all finally made it back home around 8pm.  It wasn't long before we had teeth brushed, pj's on, and lights out.  

Another Halloween conquered and we all survived!


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