Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cub Scouts Camp Out & Regatta

Hughes had his first Cub Scout campout this past weekend.  He absolutely loved it.

This is The Black Lagoon.  And, apparently, it kicks all the other sailboat's sails!  Hughes and David put it together and Hughes and I painted it.  All of his fellow scouts were pretty impressed with the boat.  Hughes was most impressed.

Relaxing on the couch with his coveted boat while Mom and Dad hurry around gathering camping supplies.

 Relaxing at the camp site while Dad puts up the tent.  Is there a pattern here?

Ta-Da!  Good Job, Dad!

Let the races begin!  

Hughes wins by a hair!

And, more and more and more races.  It was a great event and there was no emphasis put on winning or losing.  

After the regatta, we had time to kill.  Banks joined a game of baseball with some older boy scouts and proceeded to smack the ball into the outfield every time at bat.  Maybe he'll play for the Auburn Tigers?
Hughes ran around in the woods with his buddies having a wonderful time and Collins just ran crazy.

After dinner, there was a bonfire where the scouts told jokes and stories.  Collins and I left at this point to head home where it was warm and dry.  Luckily for all campers, it didn't start raining until the morning.  The campout was a huge success and they made it home about 8:30 the following morning.  I met the boys at the door with instructions to strip down and hop in the tub.  They had dirt from their scalp to their toes!  David just wanted coffee!


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