Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Collins!

Collins is two.  Holy Moly!  When did my baby get so big?  He is very independent and he makes an excellent partner for my daily errand run.  He's 99% of the time happy and will 99% eat whatever I put in front of him (which makes him 100% better eater than Hughes or Banks ever thought of being!).   

He has lots of words but mostlly ones that only David or I can decipher - "mmmma" = milk  not be confused with "mmmmmou"- mouse which means I want to watch Mickey Mouse On Demand.  He can say Hughes but has trouble with Banks.  When we refer to Banks as Bubba, then Collins will quickly say Bubba.  Banks has requested to be referred to as Flash.  That hasn't gone over so well with Collins.

Collins is very coordinated and can jump off the ground with both feet leaving the ground at the same time.  Of course, I think he is a genius for doing this and I'm sure will win a Nobel Peace Prize in his future all stemming from his early coordination skills.  He loves all things balls and is very interested in all sports.  He constantly tries to run out onto the soccer field and play with Banks during practice or games.

We visited his new pediatrician, Dr. Arnold, this past week.  She was great and Collins had a good check-up.  He weighed in at 27 pounds (37%) and measured 33.75 inches tall (41%) with his head circumference in the 95%.  I'm now 3 for 3 with big headed kids!

He loves to play outside and push his dump truck around.  He pushes it everywhere - around the house, down the driveway, up the sidewalk, etc.  He is a very busy dump truck man.  

and, He loves to play baseball.  He can hit the ball, too!  Maybe he got some of his PopPop's baseball talent!  #14 playing catcher for the Auburn Tigers, Collinnnnnnnnns  Holmannnnnnnnn!  (applause, applause)

He got a grocery cart for his birthday.  He has made a track in our upstairs and does continuous laps all day until I go crazy and then I take it downstairs for him to play with in the playroom.  He loves it!  Every once in a while he'll stop to pull the witches' legs (green/black fuzzy thing in the above picture) but then continue on about his business.

But, on a serious note.  

Collins is a wonderful, sweet child.  He has a great disposition.  Wakes up most mornings happy and wanting his snuggle time.  He is sooooo easy-going.  He is and always has been a great sleeper/napper and never makes a fuss when I put him down.  He currently loves Brown Bear and putting his Raggedy Andy to bed.  He blows the sweetest kisses when he leaves the room and he loves to talk on the phone to his BucBuc (BecBec to the rest of the grandchildren).  He makes a perfect caboose to our crazy family.  

We love you, Collins, to the moon and back!

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