Monday, October 1, 2012

Hat, Hat

Collins is funny.  Let me set the stage for you.  The Walmart closest to me has a large Indian shopping crowd.  As my friend Laura would say - dot not feather.  As in, I'm a vast minority while shopping their.  I typically don't go there that much but Sunday I needed to buy some camping supplies for our upcoming cub scout camping trip.

So, we're walking in Walmart with Collins on my hip.  Of course, there is a large group of Indian women standing right in front of the buggies where I need to go.  Collins is repeatedly saying "hat, hat, hat" while pointing to his head.

We get the cart and away we went to find our camping supplies.  Collins keeps saying "hat, hat, hat" as we're passing people.

I realized later in our shopping trip that every time we passed an Indian woman, Collins said "hat, hat, hat".  He was telling me about their head wraps.  I guess the head wraps made quite an impression on him.

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