Friday, October 17, 2008

Speech & Potties

We have now had two therapy sessions with our new therapist, Ali. I take Hughes to our local public school once a week for an hour. The first time, I walked with Hughes and Ali to her room and then left shortly after that. When I picked him up, they had been working on the /ck/ sound. She says he does not recognize the muscles in the back of the throat that make the /ck/ sound or the /g/ sound. So, we've been really working on those sounds. This week I met Ali in the office and Hughes walked down the hallway with her like a big boy. I couldn't believe he just went with her! That's great but he is just growing up tooooooooo fast! I'm glad he's so comfortable with her. She's young and energetic so I had a pretty good feeling about this match-up.
Hughes is also doing wonderful in potty training this go around. He's still wearing a pull-up at naptime and bedtime but during the day it is strictly underwear. I'm so proud of him and he's so proud of himself! We've mastered public restrooms, too. Sometimes he says the flush is "lowd".

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