Saturday, October 25, 2008

Barberry Flood

With all the rain from yesterday and early this morning, our neighborhood flooded.  We've had flooding issues in the past.  In fact, our neighborhood is currently pursuing a lawsuit against the developer and whatnot over this exact issue.  Well, with the torrential downpour we had for a solid 18 hours, our drainage issue has become very apparent.  Below are some pictures David and I took this morning.  Now, it has gone down quite a bit already in these pictures.  We have a debris line about midway up in our front yard.  Our yard has never flooded so for it to be flooded down on our end is major.  People were out in kayaks, cars were floating, at one point in the neighborhood the water is waist deep!  It is CRAZY!  


Rebecca said...

This is so crazy, and I have only seen rain 1 time since we moved here in March! I hope y'all have flood insurance!

Glad to hear someone is hitting the big yellow mall in Gaffney. It is 10 minutes from Zach's grandparent's house. Boy do I miss it! At least I'm probably saving money by not being able to shop at the PBK Outlet while I'm pregnant with a girl!

The Crotwell Family said...

Wow, I can't believe it!! I would have never thought you guys would have a flood problem being where you are. Did you have any damage? We have an extra kayak if you ever need it...:-)