Sunday, October 5, 2008

Full Moon

Well, most of you know that we are attempting potty training at the Holman household.  We are succeeding more and more of recognizing the urge to go.  So, as you can imagine, it is much easier for Hughes just to wear his underwear around the house.  I mean, who wants to constantly change shorts and that makes more laundry for me.  So, I've been letting Hughes lounge around the house and backyard in his undies.  One of our many attempts to make it to the potty resulted in wet undies.  So, I took them off of him but not having any dry ones downstairs I just sent him into the den while I finished up with Banks in the kitchen.  I figured what could he possibly do - get the rug wet - been there, done that!  I finish with Banks and then go and check on Hughes b/c it is awfully quiet.  The below picture tells it all.  Unfortunately, it is not from the angle I received when I walked into the den.  I got the Full Moon!  For modesty sake and possible future political aspirations by Hughes, I decided to take the picture from the head down.  

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