Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning Curve

Since moving to Northern Virginia there are some things that I have learned.  I would consider myself a well-traveled person but since I've never lived for an extended period of time above South Carolna there are quite a few things I've learned.  I know, I know, it's only 8 hours but, hey, there is a lot lost (and gained) in 8 hours.  

1.  Somewhere in the 8 hours between St. Matthews and Alexandria, the art of sweet tea has been lost.  This should immediately exclude them from #3.
2.  Northern gas is more expensive than southern gas.
3.  Northern Virginians still consider themselves southern.  The verdict is still out.
4.  Southern Maryland considers itself southern.  Hell no.  It's laughable to even consider.
5.  I know what a cord of wood is, what it should look like, and how much it should cost.
5.  I know the difference between seasoned wood and unseasoned wood.
6.  I prefer gas fireplaces.
7.  Somewhere in the 8 hours between SC and Alexandria, the art of manners has been lost.  Forget Mams and Sirs.  Thank you and please are very common though.
8.  Public bus transportation to work is pretty awesome.  (speaking for David, of course)
9.  Just because someone says they "work on the hill" does not mean they are some hotshot.  A fellow at church used this line on me and, of course, I questioned him on it.  Turns out he helps with the census every TEN years!  Give me a break!
10.  Visitors touring the White House should never be allowed entrance in sneakers, sweat shirts and jeans.  Have some respect, people!
11. No one chats in the grocery store check-out line.  Is that just me?  It's like the soup nazi on Seinfeld.
12. Ice Cream Supper at church does not refer to home-made ice cream.  It just means go by the Safeway and pick up some Breyer's and Hershey's Syrup. ( I may have mentioned this before)
13. Facetime with family and friends is pretty awesome.
14.  Sweetwater 420 needs to get a distribution center up here.
15.  Free incredible museums are pretty awesome.
16.  Parking tickets come in increments of $40.  Ouch!
17.  There is never free parking.  See #16.
18.  Speeding tickets caught by camera are even more expensive.
19.  The boys make friends easily and that makes me so happy.
20. You can drive in the snow.  Charlestonians won't believe me, but you actually can.
21.  Never send your son's nice Lands End snow gloves to school on a freezing day.  Send him with cheap ones or tell him to keep his hands in his pockets.
22. It's not a terrible drive if you leave at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.  Any time after that and it will take 2 hours just to get out of DC.
23. The boys have bladders the size of a watermelon.  I think it is in the training.  My Dad never stopped on trips so my body adjusted.  I think I've done the same to my boys.
24. Art of BBQ - also somewhere lost in the 8 hours straight up 95.
25. 50 degrees feels kind of nice when all you've been getting is 28 degrees.  I just may come out of hibernation.


USCEmily said...

AW, some of these cracked me up! Especially sweet tea, working on "the Hill", and people from Maryland thinking they are southern.

Jennifer said...

Hampton Roads Virginians think that they are southern too. Wrong.
DC is pretty awesome though and it is nice to have so much to do. It is only about a three hour drive for us (if we leave at dawn on a Saturday and stay out near Dunn Loring :) Next time we head up I will let you know. It would be nice to see a real southern person again.