Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playdough Time

The other week we had a snow day.  As exciting as that sounds, it wasn't anything that you could play in.  Mostly very wet snow that switched back and forth from snow to rain.  Our yard was a mud pit and, thankfully, the boys never asked to go outside and play.  We hunkered down inside next to the fire and enjoyed a "day off".  

I pulled out the playdough in the late afternoon because I was losing my sanity.  Nevermind that the boys are still in their pajamas.  Isn't that what "days off" are suppose to look like?

Collins was obsessed with the balls of playdough.

Banks and Hughes loved making twists with one of the tools and, subsequently, mixed a lot of colors together.  No more beautiful, solid red or blue or green.  We now have an assortment of mixed-up colored playdough.  It kind of irks me.

The fun lasted a while and then I cursed under my breath that they ruined all of my colors :)

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