Monday, March 18, 2013

Life at 37

Holy Moly, I'm 37!

I had a great birthday weekend.  It started off with a shopping excursion on Friday with two friends and ended with a dinner on Saturday night.  The boys gave me a mani/pedi gift certificate which I can't wait to use and David gave me the gift of not asking how much I spent on my shopping trip :)  I think 37 is going to be a pretty great year!

In honor of my birthday, I thought I would list 37 things about yours truly.  In no particular order :)

1.  I think God gave me three of the cutest boys on earth to be my sons.
2.  I'm pretty good at interrupting/understanding children with speech problems.
3.  I went shopping on Friday for me and for the first time in seven years did not buy one single kid item.
4.  I started back running in January and I feel pretty good.
5.  I love my suburban and will probably choose to get another one when the time calls for it.
6.  I like to visit the snow.  Not a big fan of it in my yard.
7.  I'm terrible at keeping in touch with friends.
8.  I like to make lists and scratch things off.
9.  I'm a beer snob.  Wine doesn't really interest me.
10. Sapphires are my favorite stone.
11. If I could live on mexican food and great steaks then I would.
12. I love to travel and have a list of places for David and I to go visit.
13. I have two burns on my right arm both from food - grits and popcorn.
14. I know all of the words to Sir Mixalot's I Like Big Butts.
15. My Mom's nickname for me while I was growing up was Suzie.
16. I walked the picket line with my Dad when Eastern Airlines went on strike.
17.  My Dad was hijacked in 1982/83 to Cuba.
18. I was a tomboy growing up.  
19. My first car was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.  It's still in my Mom's garage.
20. I would like to become a better seamstress so that I can make curtains like my mom.
21. I don't mind driving long distances but if I'm the co-pilot then I will be asleep in two seconds.
22.  I drink one Coke a day.
23. I love to eat out.
24.  I love to shop but do not have enough endurance to hang with BecBec when she shops.
25.  I'm going to buy an extra-large bicycle seat for my bike.  The current one is as wide as a banana.
26. I have one doggone great husband.
27. I love college football but don't want my boys to play it.
28. I was an exchange student in Italy and studied in Spain for the summer during college.
29. I typically only read books during the summer and then I'm voracious.
30. The color green and tan skin are my favorite colors on me.
31. The beach calls my name.  I crave flip flops and sand between my toes.
32. Friends really are the best medicine.
33. My favorite candy bar is a Butterfinger.
34. I can make a mean guacamole.
35. When I think of my dad, it is always with him smiling.
36.  I think often about "what if we had a 4th child".
37. Hughes and Banks remind me of Bill and Kent.  Lawd, help me!


Nancy said...

Love your list, love that you had a great birthday, and love that someone else can do #14 :-)

Stacey Iofredo said...

Love this list but it made me miss you!!!!!!!! Hope you're doing great...Happy Belated!

Anne Wimberly said...

Nancy, we can sing a duet :) and Stacey, I hope JAX is treating y'all well. I've been jealous of your weather!