Monday, March 11, 2013

Say What?

I was doing some measuring of our office window when Banks walked in.  He took the measuring tape and tried to measure himself.  We talked about how he was getting so tall and growing every day and then I started to measure him.  

He told me he was 24 inches tall.  I told him "no, that he was almost 44 inches tall and that 24 inches tall would be right about here (while pointing to his hip)".

He then exclaimed, "Mom, my penis is 24 inches".  

And the fibs start now.


Someone please tell me what am I going to do with this precious boy.

We never used the word "penis" with Hughes.  We referred to it as his "teetee".  I'm not sure at what age we introduced the anatomically correct word but Banks has never used anything but the correct word.  It has definitely led to some interesting conversations in some definitely awkward environments. Like in restaurants and he tells me his zipper is hurting his penis and we have to tell him to lower his voice because the diners next to us don't want to know that information.

I think I'll revert back to "teetee" with Collins.

Sorry about the post.  I guess I should have forewarned you about it.  I'm  sure BecBec is trying to delete it from her laptop right now.  Sorry, Mom.  It's life.

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Jennifer Hardy said...

Anne Wimberly,
This made me laugh out loud. Once when I was changing my son Walter's diaper when he was about two, he curled up in a ball and fell over to the side. I asked him what he was doing and he told me not to touch his penis because it was dangerous. Ah..boys.
Jennifer :)