Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Going On?

Hughes wanted to say the blessing one night at dinner.  Well, most nights Hughes and Banks argue over who is going to say it only because they have different favorites.  Hughes likes to make his blessings up while Banks likes to use one from bible school 2011.  Hughes got to say his which normally starts with "every one close your eyes and think of your friends" and ends with "thank you for this delicious food" but that night he switched things up on us.  He started his normal blessing and then ended it with "and now we'll say the pledge to God".  Of course, we then recited the Pledge of Allegiance at the dinner table followed with an amen.  David and I barely held it together.


Banks is in the asking phase.  In fact, he's in the talking phase, too.  Banks will talk all day and ask a million questions always followed by "right, Mom?" or "right, Dad?"  On Sunday on the way home from church, Banks started in on his questions with Hughes throwing in a few, too.

B: How far is the Potomac River?
Mom:  ugh, I don't know
B:  How much water is in the Potomac?
Mom:  you mean gallons?
B:  yes, how many gallons?
Mom:  about 2 million I guess
H:  How far is China?  (this was brought up because it is currently where BecBec is)
Mom:  Oh, well, across an ocean so it's very far away
H:  Can we take a car to it?
Dad: no, there are no bridges to China.  We would have to fly.

and the questions went on and on and on.  Tonight, Banks asked me again how much water was in the Potomac and I told him that I did not know and he said, "but, Mom, you know everything".  

How much longer do you think I have until he thinks I know nothing?


Collins' two new words are sucker and chocolate.  He's definitely the third child.  Also, he can work my iPhone about as well as I can.  Scary.  He tried to use the laptop as an iPad last night and kept swiping at the screen.  His poor brain is confused.


We're all ready for spring and enjoying the outdoors again.  I'm tired of hibernating.

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