Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated with a quick lunch with buffalo chicken wraps and hit Downtown Disney. It was the easiest Thanksgiving dinner Mom ever prepared. All she did was pay and throw her trash into the trashcan.

We spent about an hour in the Lego store. The boys were in heaven.

Making their Lego men.

Family Shot with the Lego Family

Riding a bulldog

While the big boys were playing in the outdoor Lego playpark, Mom and I took Collins into the shops and did a photo montage. Who needs to buy all these silly hats when all you want is the picture?

Donald Duck

Hey Mon! Don't Worry, Be Happy.

Abra Cadabra

Seriously, Mom?


Hughes building. He could have stayed there all day long.

Banks racing his Lego car. He came in 5th.

Next, we went to play putt putt at Winterland Summerland. This is a Disney course and it was great. One course was a Christmas/winter theme and the other was a summer theme.
We choose to do the Christmas course. We like to play putt putt in our family and it's always a competition.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Air Stream to yours!

Hughes playing the ice hockey hole.

Banks ready to go.

The ice castle with moat. You had to time your stroke so that your ball would go over the draw bridge and not into the water.

Collins only wishing he could play.

Frosty shot water from his pipe!

PopPop trying to take the lead.

BecBec started off strong but then fell apart.

This hole you had to time your ball to go under Santa's feet and not get blocked by them.

I started off a bit slow but I'm proud to say I pulled myself together and managed to tie it with Dad. The boys played a hole ahead of us and we weren't keeping their score. They still have a lot to learn as Banks sometimes swings his putter like it's a wood and Hughes picks his ball up and places it right beside the hole.

We had a great Thanksgiving Day and ended it with some midnight shopping at Target for the Black Friday sales - the girls did the shopping, the boys slept at the condo. The day was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

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Rebecca said...

Love catching up on all of your post & I am glad mine aren't the only ones who want specific
Beyblades I cannot find. :) one of mine only wants the ring from the lord of the rings. Santa sent him a note telling him it was destroyed in the fire. He doesn't care & told Santa to use his magic to make a new one! That's what I get for letting my husband let him watch it!