Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, the boys were in St. Michaels' Christmas Pageant as a sheep and cow. I believe they were the most talented sheep and cow up there!

Wimberly was the narrator and is an excellent babysitter.

Banks on stage with his mask off. He did a great job sitting up there and behaving himself.

There were 110 participants in the Christmas Pageant.

Cutest Sheep Ever!

After the pageant, we went to the Rectory to have Christmas Eve dinner with the family and open family presents.

Hudson opening his superhero gift.

Jacob showing off his Papertoy Monsters book that we gave him.

Lucius being cute.

Uncle Rick with an aura around him.

Collins loving his diapers and crayola set. Or, is that Dad loving it?

We had a great dinner and then we headed home to prepare for Christmas morning.

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