Friday, December 16, 2011

Hughes' Holiday Program

Harborview Elementary had their Kindergarten Holiday Program this morning. It was all four kindergartens and they all did a great job. Well, one kid cried and left the stage, one girl kept scratching her bottom and her mom took her off the stage, one kid kept his lips closed the entire time, and the others did a great job singing. Luckily for me, Hughes was part of the great singing group!

Does it get any sweeter than this?

Best Boys in Miss Rodgers' Class!
Hudson, Conley & Hughes

It was a great program. Lots of songs. Lots of hand motions. Lots of proud parents.
If you would have asked me last year how I thought Hughes would do in a school performance, I would have said that he probably wouldn't sing and maybe do a few hand motions. Boy, am I wrong! And, I love being wrong in this instance!

Way to go, Hughes! You rocked it up there!

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