Sunday, May 2, 2010

T-Ball Update

Hughes is finally enjoying t-ball and I no longer have to bribe him with chicken nuggets and milkshakes. Now, he just asks when he can go home. But, at least he's on the field fielding balls and up at bat when it's his turn. We have found out that if Coach Rod is not there (rarely but sometimes schedules conflict) then Hughes refuses to play. He loves Coach Rod. For a while there, we thought it had to do with David being at the game. Since most of the games are during the week at 6, David has missed a lot of them. And at one particular game where David made it, Coach Rod was absent and Hughes refused to play. Well, I'm happy to report that it has nothing to do with David but all to do with Coach Rod.

Team Photo - I don't know all the kids' names but Hughes is on the front row with the white pants and then Conley and Wyatt are on the end of the same row. On the back row is Coach Rod, Wyatt's dad Jay, and Conley's dad James. These are not the coaches that Hughes has a tough time with. There are some other more intense dads that help out that just don't "get" Hughes.

Team Huddle

Conversing with Sasha

Check out my slugger

He may not be a professional baseball player when he grows up, but he has come a long way, baby!

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Rebecca said...

You can't go wrong with a t-ball team sponsored by Chick-fil-a!