Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nesting and News

Some friends have said that I'm nesting but I just think I'm getting things done! I've redone my backporch (painted the floor, recovered the throw pillows, painted the adirondack chairs, and painted the planters) and recovered the front rocking chair cushions, too. Now, I'm focused on my bathroom. I don't plan on doing anything to the nursery except exchanging the clothes out. It's non-gender (not that that matters) and I like it the way it is. I feel great and am definitely expanding. Banks likes to kiss the baby and look at the baby which requires me to lift my shirt up a lot - this is all done in the privacy of our home.

A funny thing Hughes said the other day - I had Baby William for a short time while Anna went to run some errands baby-free. Well, Hughes did not notice when Baby William arrived so when I walked into the kitchen holding William, Hughes said, " the baby come out already?" It just tickled me that he thought one day I'm just going to walk into the kitchen holding his new brother.

Banks continues to insist that he also has a baby in his tummy and he likes for me to kiss his tummy like he kisses mine.

I go to the doctor on Wednesday so expect an update then on Baby Boy #3!

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