Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Good Grief!

It is only Wednesday. The beginning of the week was rough. Mother's Day was wonderful. In fact, my Saturday was filled with lunch with the girls, shopping alone, pedicure, and grilling out with great friends. Sunday was church, family lunch, quick shopping trip and Lucius' birthday party. The best thing, though, is that nowhere in there was David studying! Exams are over so I now have him for 3 months!

But, I digress, back to the "woe is me" post. Hughes has been quite a handful lately with Banks tagging right behind him.

*On Sunday while in the dressing room with me, Hughes told me that, "mama, your
baby tummy is getting so big". I agreed. Then, Hughes said, "your hiney so big, too".
I look forward to actually getting back into shape after this 3rd bambino is born! My
goal is to run the Cooper River Bridge Run next April and look good doing it!

*Hughes and Banks have become stealth-like snack thieves. Every time I go upstairs,
they immediately hit the kitchen. It's either the fridge for a yogurt or the snack
cabinet for cookies. On Tuesday, they each had a pack of Oreo cookies(6) at 9am. I
then quickly moved the rest of the cookies to the locked cabinet. In the afternoon,
they each had 3 drinkable yogurts. I, then, hid the yogurts in the bottom drawer
underneath the beer. They found those, too!

*I can no longer trust them in the backyard. They have been sneaking out the side
gate and playing in the front yard. Now, I would love to live in my "safe little world"
and think that nothing is ever going to happen to them, but I refused to play stupid. I
know the dangers and I prefer to keep my boys no matter how aggravating they can be
at times.

*Hughes lied directly to my face! The lie hurt me more than what he did. He cut his
hair! Luckily, he cut it on the crown of his head and he didn't go too short. He came
to me while I was on the computer with hair surrounding his mouth. He was trying to
spit it out. I asked him if he cut his hair and he said, "no m'am". Again, I was more
hurt by the lie. I asked him again and again he lied. I have since taken the scissors
away for a nice rest.

The last three events all happened on Tuesday. Let's just say it was not a good day and ended with this mom having a non-alcoholic beer!

Today has been better. The boys had school this morning and I bought the waterpark pass for the summer and signed Hughes up for his first day camp at the Children's Museum during O is for Oceans week.

What I'm looking forward to right now - dinner with a great friend tonight (girls only), lunch with my bible study tomorrow (girls only), and a kid-free weekend (thanks Mom and Dad). I'm in the redecorating mood and have painted my white adirondack chairs today a pool blue. I need some refreshing around here!

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deidre, george robert and mary martin said...

what a week! thank you for the sweet comment you left me about our house situation. it was really encouraging!! :) i hope the rest of your week is looking up!