Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Three Sons

We had our 16 wk. appointment this morning. Everything looked great. It appears that David and I can only create boys because arriving in the Fall of 2010 will be Baby Boy #3. We're very excited for this 3rd son and I've always described myself as a "boy mama" so he is going to fit in

I told the boys that they were going to have a brother and Hughes told me "no, maybe a baby iguanadon or baby TRex". That then led us into the conversation of only dinosaurs can have baby dinosaurs and only humans can have baby humans. I don't think he followed my gist but he does realize that I'm not going to have a dinosaur.

Banks is excited and continues to say he has a baby in his tummy, too. He kisses my tummy and then I have to kiss his tummy. Banks is very excited about being a big brother!

Now the fun part begins, deciding on a name worthy of this 3rd son!

Not the best picture of an ultrasound picture, but you get the drift. Apparently, this boy has no modesty!


Rebec said...

Congrats....that's great!

Courtney said...

Congratulations!! Three boys will be great! That is exactly what I will expect . . . if we ever get that brave!! :)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!! This is so exciting!