Saturday, May 22, 2010

Botany Bay

We went to the creekhouse for a few days this past week to stay with BecBec. The boys love it there and especially were thrilled with the outside work that is going on. The creekhouse is getting a new extended porch and there were tractors delivering supplies, tractors trying to dig up roots for support posts, and men digging. One morning, we went to the beach to hang out and the other morning we visited Botany Bay. Botany Bay is federally preserved land consisting of private beaches, salt marshes, freshwater marshes, many islands, and remnants of plantation houses, slave quarters, and an ice house. It is pretty amazing. We got out to explore the beach which is known for its shells. You no longer can take shells as souvenirs (if you do the fine is around $450) but the boys had a wonderful time exploring all the conch shells and everything else.

Hughes checking out the shells.

Banks loved it!

BecBec searching with the boys.

In front of a piece of drift wood that has been decorated with conch shells. The boys had a good time adding their shells to this piece of art.

Proof that I was there - Me, Baby Boy #3, Banks and Hughes

We had to walk a 1/2 mile to the beach and back and the boys walked the entire way. It was still early morning but it was hot and I was mighty proud that they walked/ran the whole way!

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