Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last week, I finally got both boys to the doctor for their yearly well-checks. David went with me because we had been warned about shots for Hughes. And, on top of the shots, we were all getting the flu mist and both boys had to have their fingers pricked. So, I knew ahead of time that I was going to need help.

Hughes' measurements: proportioned
height: 41 inches 73%
weight: 39.2 lbs. 75%

Banks' measurements: stocky
height: 34 1/4 inches 49%
weight: 26.6 lbs. 95%
head circ.: 51.2 cm 95%

Thank goodness David was there. Hughes did not do very well with the shots. He kept saying "tha sharp" and "tha hurt". I felt so bad for him. Hughes was also not a fan of being checked out by Dr. Geils. Since he turned 18 months and had a sense of what was going on, he has always disliked going to the doctor. I can remember at his 3-year well-check that he threw a fit having his heart listened to. It doesn't hurt so why does he cry?

Banks did fine with all of the body check procedures. He just kind of stared at Dr. Geils like she was an alien with 3 heads.

They both did okay with the finger pricks (minimal crying) and the flu mist. All in all, I have two healthy boys and a relieved mama that we don't have to do that for another year.We had a treat of ice cream after the appointments.

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