Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nothing New

Since I posted last time, nothing really new or exciting has happened. David went out-of-town the past two weekends for bachelor parties (Charlotte and New York City). I sent the boys to my parents' house last weekend so I could do a Goodwill sweep and seasonal clothes swap-out. Organizing and giving things away really makes me feel good. I mean, I don't like the daily cleaning chores. I find those boring. BUT, cleaning out a closet and giving half of the items away makes me feel GREAT! It's crazy how much stuff we have but don't use or wear. I find it both embarrassing and ridiculous at the same time! Unfortunately, I did not get to the downstairs closet and chest - guess that's just another reason to ship the kids off!

Hughes' 4th birthday is on Friday and Conley's birthday is next week so we are having a joint birthday campout - 14 boys and their dads in our backyard in tents! It should be wild. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I said yes! Good thing is that they will probably all be gone by 9:30am Sat. Wish me luck!

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